I want to ask something about best shaving solution for men, Can i ask here?

It's not related to fitness and Nutrition. if fitness.stackexchange.com is not a right place for this then is there any other stackexchange site?


I do not think this would be on-topic for any site in the network at this time.

Also, questions that contain the word "best" are generally a bad fit for our engine, as they turn into an infinite list of opinions..

  • I mean preferred. – Jitendra Vyas Jul 7 '11 at 11:34
  • Either way @Jitendra, shaving has nothing to do with exercise or nutrition, so it would be off-topic. – Ivo Flipse Jul 7 '11 at 16:09
  • @Ivo - That I know and have already mentioned in question – Jitendra Vyas Jul 7 '11 at 16:59
  • "Preferred" wouldn't change the meaning of your question anyway. – Matt Chan Sep 7 '11 at 12:38

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