One of the next topics in the Fitness 101 blog series is doing a "nutrition 101" type post. Instead of enumerating things of "don't eat X (because it's bad), eat Y (because it's good)" which will just cause people to do "Duh, I already knew that," the post should focus on taking some actionable steps in order to achieve better nutrition.

Since nutrition encompasses a breadth of items, starting out with single, narrower topics would be better than trying to capture a broad overview in one topic. Here are some ideas for nutrition:

  • protein
  • fats
  • sugar
  • carbohydrates

If you are interested in writing about one of these topics, please volunteer and state your interest (and also write it too...) to help push this further along. Feel free to suggest other topics too and contribute to the Google Docs document created by Ivo.

Note: "Finding the Right Exercise For You" still needs a volunteer to help write the post.

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