I'm a frequent user of fitness.se for ~3 months now and in that time I've come across many questions about specific fitness gadgets, that I feel just don't belong. I'm not even talking about 'do you think FitBit will help me stick to my diet?'-kinda questions, but more in the direction of 'why doesn't it count my steps?'

I'm pretty sure, those are technical questions and are therefore off-topic. Most manufacturers provide a board of their own, where such difficulties can be solved, so I just don't see this site as the place to ask that question.

It is a bit of a grey are though, that's why I ask. How technical does a question concerning gadgets have to be to be off topic?


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Those types of questions are on-topic for this site. This is something we didn't want to push out of our faq section when we came up with what the site was about:

  • gear and gadgets used during exercise

However, recommendations about products are not though. Aspects of gadgets outside of the use for fitness, such as the economics of fitness are not on topic.