This question was recently asked and on most stack exchange sites would be considered off topic as it's asking for an off site resource. However, in your off topic guidelines that is not mentioned (Closest I can find is a purchase recommendation).

Should it be considered off topic?

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From our "don't ask" section:

To prevent your question from being flagged and possibly removed, avoid asking subjective questions where …

every answer is equally valid: “What’s your favorite ______?”

Also, on the subjective question portion:

Some subjective questions are allowed, but “subjective” does not mean “anything goes”. All subjective questions are expected to be constructive. What does that mean? Constructive subjective questions:

inspire answers that explain “why” and “how”

tend to have long, not short, answers

have a constructive, fair, and impartial tone

invite sharing experiences over opinions

insist that opinion be backed up with facts and references

are more than just mindless social fun

The question violates most if not all of those, I have closed it accordingly.

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