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Reviewing the site scope: balance between Fitness and Nutrition?

Lately I've been getting more worried about the scope of our site. First there's the problem with medical and general health questions popping up regularly and second the balance between Fitness and ...
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Does Nutrition really deserve top billing on this site?

I deliberately asked this question: just outside of what seems comfortably on topic, aiming for "...
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Should title be "Fitness" instead of "Fitness and Nutrition"?

I think we should remove "and Nutrition" from the title. 7 out of my 11 flags have been for off-topic nutrition questions "nutrition as it relates to exercise" is just one of the 6 bullet points that ...
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Where does Fitness stop and General Health start?

We've been getting several questions that I believe are more about General Health than on Fitness & Nutrition. It might make me look like a jackass for closing questions from users who just joined ...
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What is our intended user base?

There's been some discussion of scope lately. Looking at the lousy number of questions and middling user numbers) it occurs to me that we're not really arguing about questions or scope. It's that ...
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Splitting fitness and nutrition

Many people ask here questions about nutrition that are not fully related to fitness but it's clear that nutrition is related topic. It seems there is no other possibility where nutrition questions ...
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Pseudo exercise questions

I was on a small flagging run, checking for older pure nutrition based questions which are off topic now since the changes to the FAQ. There were a few, good questions with some really good answers, I ...
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Is this site in a state of chaos?

There are consistent meta questions about the scope of this site. Even the mods ask questions in meta too. It seems to me that even a mod can't judge the scope of this site. What's the matter with the ...
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Is this nutrition (not fitness) question on-topic here?

I'm deciding whether to migrate this question from Seasoned Advice or just close it as off-topic: What is responsible for the recent (last 5-10 years) increase in attention to gluten-free foods? It'...
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Make FAQ narrower and more exact

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness, treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. The FAQ of Fitness and Nutrition (F&N) says that ...