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11 open review cases, none shown?

Are any of you familiar with these "ghost review cases" which show up in the header counter, but not in the list of reviews?
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Why Edits must be at least 6 characters?

I noticed a small typo: "diggest" instead of "digest" in this answer: This is exactly one character. No more changes are needed. Why is this simple fix unsupported? Why can't we just fix one small ...
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Avatar not picked up

I'm a long time user of other StackExchange sites and recently signed up with fitness. For a change I succeed in using the right way to sign up to get my accounts linked and all the information (bio ...
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Deleted user's name still shows up in "deleted by" message

Answer was written and deleted by the same user. The "answered by" stamp now says "user usernumber", but "deleted by user name> Jul 17 at 16:43" persists. ...
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Blog favicon should get updated

Went to the blog and happened to notice that the icon my browser got is the old "sketchy" FN icon. Should be updated to match the icon the site has now. At the very least, should be "PF", not "FN". ...
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RunKeeper button mashed next to Twitter text

I just posted an answer, and the RunKeeper button shows up on the social sharing links, but the Twitter text is mismatched with the RunKeeper button.
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Does Necromancer make sense if I answered a new question, then it was merged with an old question?

I answered a new question and also flagged it as a duplicate of an existing question. A moderator expertly merged it with the existing, somewhat old question. I subsequently received the Necromancer ...
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