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Can I ask a question about what will I miss if I stop drinking milk? And what are other alternative food options to cover up that?

Suppose you stop drinking milk. So you will miss protein and vitamin D. I don't know much about other details. So I want to know if I stop drinking milk what important ingredients/vitamins I will miss ...
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Where can I ask questions about nutritional info?

I tried to post a question about the nutritional information for a specific food but apparently that violates the rules of this area of Stack Exchange. Can someone please point me to a place where I ...
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Policy on diet questions

There are a lot of questions in the review queue that are marked with the nutrition off topic reason. Questions on nutrition are off-topic unless they relate directly to exercise. Some of those ...
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Splitting fitness and nutrition

Many people ask here questions about nutrition that are not fully related to fitness but it's clear that nutrition is related topic. It seems there is no other possibility where nutrition questions ...
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Does Nutrition really deserve top billing on this site?

I deliberately asked this question: just outside of what seems comfortably on topic, aiming for "...
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Are questions regarding the assessment of nutritional products considered on-topic?

I'm seeing quite a bit questions that are asking: Is nutritional product X bad for me? Just how bad is soda for you? So what's the deal with aspartame? Effect of eating McDonalds and other fast food ...
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