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Mental Health Questions

What's the deal with questions like this? From the title it sounds like a real question about physical fitness, but to me it's barely even a question. Should questions like this be redirected to ...
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Question about fitness equipment migrated to sport where it was deemed to be closed as off topic

My question about stand-up paddles was migrated to Sport, although it was said that fitness equipment, including water sport equipment, is generally on topic. I find it very problematic to migrate ...
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Are questions on what-is-this-exercise on topic?

Often times, you can just look up what an inverse curl is, or how to do a decline pushup. Sometimes though, there are weird terms like a Hail Mary lunge (sometimes used in mass/military training; it'...
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Are questions asking for an off site resource on topic?

This question was recently asked and on most stack exchange sites would be considered off topic as it's asking for an off site resource. However, in your off topic guidelines that is not mentioned (...
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Is cold/heat exposure on topic

Cold showers can increase metabolism and saunas can have a blood doping effect. Are questions along these lines on topic?
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Can someone explain why is my question opinion based?

I posted a question a couple of days ago, and it was closed as "opinion based", I have my answer, and I'm satisfied with it. But I would like some enlightenment as to why it has been considered as ...
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Time to change one of our "not about" topics?

See for reference: Questions about the practice of medicine: Questions about CEU's, and a good response with other site examples. Our own meta on attracting experts Both of these embrace expert ...
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Definition for what is on/off topic

I am fairly new to this site, but have been answering questions for the past 2 weeks. I would like to know where i can find out what is on/off topic? As a fitness Professional you get asked all ...
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Is this question I want to ask, off topic?

I can't seem anywhere else (currently active or even from a quick glance, in Area51?) more closely related than here to ask this question. I actually intend to answer it myself, as an info resource ...
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Questions Needing Edits

There are a couple questions needing edits to line them up with the scope defined within the FAQ. The questions here are some good questions that have been flagged as off-topic, and it would be nice ...
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Pseudo exercise questions

I was on a small flagging run, checking for older pure nutrition based questions which are off topic now since the changes to the FAQ. There were a few, good questions with some really good answers, I ...
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Removing ergonomics questions

I recently posted a question about choice of chair. I have subsequently deleted it after checking around meta and coming across this answer: I actually think it would be a bad idea to let the site ...
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