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Questions about routine recommendation

Take this question for example Good workout split for absolute beginner with Planet Fitness equipment? (skinny want to build muscle whole-body) I started thinking out an answer for it, then realised ...
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Mental Health Questions

What's the deal with questions like this? From the title it sounds like a real question about physical fitness, but to me it's barely even a question. Should questions like this be redirected to ...
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Definition for what is on/off topic

I am fairly new to this site, but have been answering questions for the past 2 weeks. I would like to know where i can find out what is on/off topic? As a fitness Professional you get asked all ...
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Asking for good books on Physical Fitness?

I'm looking for good books about medical aspects in Physical Fitness and on how the body reacts on products like BCAA, creatine and so on. Can I ask this kind of questions on Physical Fitness without ...
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