1. Serious DOMS and similar problems.

  2. Has always been quite musculus and broad shouldered (Even without training a lot)

  3. Some of this mass is lost now - probably aging and low T levels

Goals and directions (Mass and strength related)

1a) Optimize Gain/Pain (pain being DOMS etc)

1b) Minimize density and perhaps size of micro-injuries (Relates to mechanical damage leading to growth). This follows from 1a)

1c) Mass: Regain mass I used to have.

1d) More Protein Synthesis than adding Myonuclei.

1e) Max emphasis on growth effects not related to micro-injuries (Not sure if it is possible).

2) High emphasis on joints and connective tissue. (Think this implies starting with high-volume high-rep as in the Convict Conditioning program I am following)

3a) High emphasis on functional strength.

3b) High emphasis on gaining balanced strength.

4) Become robust and resilient in terms of being able to do a wide range of activities with a minimum of DOMS, injuries etc. (Thinks it translates to starting with high rep and volume)

Currently I am working from the Convict Conditioning program, mostly with high reps or working towards it. I tend to do it early Saturday and Sunday, with the heaviest session on Sunday. This to minimize effect on work, and because it seems natural to train early in the day.

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