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Can anyone explain why my question is closed as "Needs more focus"

I posted a question about the relation between pain and the effectiveness of workout. And later, I found that it was closed, and the reason is "Needs more focus". However, I don't agree with ...
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Questions about routine recommendation

Take this question for example Good workout split for absolute beginner with Planet Fitness equipment? (skinny want to build muscle whole-body) I started thinking out an answer for it, then realised ...
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Closing Questions - there has to be a better way

I’d like to constructively figure out a way we can answer users that have reasonable medical or injury related questions. One of the biggest problems in the medical and fitness industries is the lack ...
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How do we treat very individual routine questions?

This is a question, that sort of bugs me, and I have voted to close, but would be interested in other opinions. Increasing Weight : Plateau stage In essense this is a shopping question - "my routine ...
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Where did the vote for close as spam option go?

I was sure we had "flag as spam" and vote to close as spam options, but they seem to have gone. I'm only as concerned, as I see a few obvious supplement blogspam posters come and go, and I feel a ...
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Why has the 'Exercises for a programmer' question never been closed?

Exercises for a programmer sitting by the PC all day Why has this question never been closed? It is far too broad, highly unspecific, there is no way to reasonably answer this question. It has some ...
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