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Mental Health Questions

What's the deal with questions like this? From the title it sounds like a real question about physical fitness, but to me it's barely even a question. Should questions like this be redirected to ...
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Change required number of close votes?

I've had a suspicion for a while that there are simply not enough active users (or users with enough rep) on Fitness.SE to pass a community close vote. It looks like I might be correct. Shog9's ...
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Closing Questions - there has to be a better way

I’d like to constructively figure out a way we can answer users that have reasonable medical or injury related questions. One of the biggest problems in the medical and fitness industries is the lack ...
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What to do about all the close votes (and offering a little help when closing)

Yes, I know this has been covered more or less before, but especially since it's January and I can foresee a fair amount of new questions from people who've decided to get in shape in the new year, I ...
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What is this question asking about different exercise strategies opinion-based?

I asked a question on exercise strategies (see question below). Specifically, I presented three strategies to exercise. The question got closed on the grounds that it is opinion-based. In the comment, ...
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"unclear what you're asking", really?

squatting barefoot, bad reputation for gym! One of his questions in the last sentence, and clearly the intent of the overall post: Is it really bad to squat in barefoot? And the close votes were ...
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linking to

Curious why this option isn't enabled when close voting. Currently I can only select "" for closing a question that belongs somewhere else, like this one. This is the ...
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What constitutes shopping questions?

I recently stumbled across this question: What should I look for in a jump rope?, which was given 2 up-votes and reasonable answers. Should this be closed as a shopping question?
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Pseudo exercise questions

I was on a small flagging run, checking for older pure nutrition based questions which are off topic now since the changes to the FAQ. There were a few, good questions with some really good answers, I ...
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Unconstructive Book Questions

There are a few questions regarding books (actual books, not answers that could stand on its own as a book) which are either closed as "not constructive" or still up for debate (and might possibly be ...
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What Can We Do to Encourage People to Ask More Complex Questions?

Many times, on many different SE sites, I see people complain about the Fastest Gun in the West problem. However, in private beta, we tend to see a completely different kind of problem. I don't yet ...
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Are questions on recipes aceptable?

It seems to me these could be related to nutrition, but there is a question that has been downvoted - does anyone have an opinion on whether they should be closed or not?
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